De slang van de Nijl

De slang van de Nijl
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The Serpent of the Nile of Wendy Buonaventura tells the story of a dance whose seductive character has fascinated artists, writers, travelers and many others over the years.

Originally everywhere in the Middle East and North Africa, woman danced, but today this dance - known as bellydance - is popular all over the world.

Unlike dances like flamenco, tango and ballet there is no agreement on the name of this art.

In the heyday of Orientalism this dance inspired the imagination of writers and painters like Flaubert, David Roberts and Jean-Léon Gérôme, and Western followers as Colette and Mata Hari. The great interest in Arab dance was (and is) often based on fantasies about Middle Eastern women, resulting in evocative images and exotic fashion, and the world of theater and entertainment inspired.

The more than 130 illustrations, mostly in color, give an extra dimension. This revised and expanded edition made for the first time a popular bellydance book available in Dutch for the growing group of belly dancers in the Netherlands and Flanders, and the cultural- historical interested readers.

Imprint: Publisher issued by EPO
isbn: 9789064456275 · 2010 - co-edition with Bulaaq · sewn paperback (17 x 22 cm) - 224p. - With over 130 illustrations, mostly in color - translated from English by Else Kok

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